Hibiscus shoulder

Here's my shoulder seam -- I cut open the front and back neckline steeks to turn the sweater inside out, and join the shoulder stitches using the three-needle cast off method.


  1. These pictures are so useful! I can't wait until I get to this point in the sweater. We are in the middle of an unexpected cross-country move (gotta love those corporate transfers) so my sweater is on hold. Will your posts be accessible in the archives for a while?
    The sweater is so beautiful. Thank you for designing it!

  2. Exquisite, Anne. Did you change the colours a little from the original? Maybe it's my monitor, but this one seems to have more pink and less russet ... which, coincidentally, would be better for my colouring :D

  3. Okay, how exactly did you do that? It looks like you repeated the middle row (the one with leprechaun and daffodil) - so it appears at the top of the front and then at the top of the back. But then what did you use to do the bind off? Did you do that with the right sides together and binding off on the wrong side?

    It does look lovely. I always like to make the pattern go over the top of the shoulder but I usually make sure it's on a solid colour row. Who knew this could work so nicely!


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