Front Cardi Bands

When putting a cardigan front band on your sweater, the most important thing is to pick up a stitch for each and every makes for a lovely pickup edge...

Stitches - knit up in the "ditch" between the edge steek stitch and the body....
BUT, you must use a needle size small enough that the finished band is neither too tight, or too loose -- it's sort of a Goldilocks has to be JUST RIGHT!

I find that if I use a needle 2 or maybe 3 sizes smaller than what I used on the body, I'm right on target -- this is a personal thing and you'll have to play with this until you get it just right.

Pick up the stitches on both front edges...

When you pick up the stitches on both edges - count them - double check how many you have on each side.  I made my sweater longer - so I had 156 stitches on one side and 157 on the other -- easy to 2tog to get rid of that extra stitch on the second Olive row that makes the Olive garter row......what you want is an even number of stitches on each side......for your two stitch alternating colour garter stitch band.

You want an even number of stitches picked up on either side.
Happy Knitting!


  1. It's beautiful Anne!!! I'm totally going to have to do a hard core fairisle while I'm off.

  2. Duh, I never thought of going down 2-3 needle sizes in order to pick up a stitch for each row and have always fudged it with 2 stitches to 3 rows, or whatever worked. Great suggestion, Anne, I always learn something from your blog :D Thank you. After 50 years of knitting I clearly need to take a finishing class. Hope Daisy and Lackie have cooled off a bit now.


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