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Knows that I love the Harry Potter books and when I heard that there was a Harry Potter exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre - well, I had to go!   The exhibition covered all of the main characters - their costumes and props.  From a knitting point of view - I loved Ron Weasley's sweater (the one knit in marl yarn with the sewn on R, and his knit patchwork blanket -- how adorable.  The most surprising knit aspect was Hagrid's sweater -- it is covered in applied + 's all over it -- and an area that looks like it has been darned with the same yarn -- this kind of detail you don't see in the movies....or do we just not notice these details?

When you first walked in, after a video montage, a few of the group were lucky enough to get sorted into their houses.  They asked for volunteers -- I was totally surprised when after a few seconds, DH walked right on up -- of course he is a Griffindor!

The doorway to the Griffindor tower was there - complete with the fat lady who commented as you walked thru....and there were Quiddich hoops for you to throw Quaffles through...and Mandrakes to pull out of their pots -- boy they know how to squeal!

I loved Hagrid's house - and while most things ask you to please not touch, in Hagrid's house you are invited to sit down in his HUGE chair.

Hermione seemed to draw most of my attention - her wand (very decorative), the time-turner she used (very pretty - really could have gone for one of those LOL!), and the dress she wore to the ball in the Goblet of Fire -- oh my goodness she is tiny!

There also was a display of a selection of the food served at the "feasts"......loved the pig headed pumpkin juice jug........there was a lovely dessert topped with chocolate rabbits -- I haven't noticed that in any of the movies -- something else to watch out for!

Happy Knitting


  1. I was thinking about taking Amanda before - now I totally have to go!!


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