Rowan International Free Gifts....

They had expected a yarn kit -- like the last gift -- a scarf kit.

Personally I love the bag........because the catch phrase on the back is exactly the way I feel......

Relax, Hand knit, Create...........

Although someone once referred to me as a "prolific designer", I only knit 2 or 3 major projects a major project I mean adult size sweaters .....and definitely does not including any quick knit I may do for friends or family (like scarves or hats).

Of course, if I am trying to do an original design, that takes up A LOT OF TIME and cuts into my knitting production time. It's a totally different way of're thinking what if, let's try this, and you feel like you are lost in a maze. Finally you have the aha moment when you just know, you feel it deep inside, that what you have come up with is "worthy"........and by this I mean good enough that you feel that it's worth while putting it all down on paper for others to follow. This hasn't happened often to me....I've got lots of swatches all over the place.

While I love the challenge of original design, I also love the soothing quality of a good hand knit project....and that's why I choose Rowan. Nothing like the feel of beautiful yarn, running through your fingers, over and around your needles, and the resulting luxurious hand knit fabric that results. (No machine knitting here LOL!!!)


  1. I received the scarf kit as well but honestly am not crazy about either pattern included. What will you make with yours?

  2. That's a good mantra. I love relaxing with my knitting. Creating is work - lol! :)


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