Rowan 48 Favourites......

Dominika, by Marie Wallin
I love the funky look of this jacket -- just throw it on over whatever and you are making a statement.

Dominika, by Marie Wallin, part of the Russian Doll Collelction in Rowan 48.

Dominika is done in Rowan Felted Tweed Aran -- like my Shetland jacket.


I WISH IT CAME IN MORE SHADES! (are you listening Rowan?)

But, that's the thing with Rowan.....they change their shades up from season to season.

That is why you have to "yarn up" for a project whether or not you intend to knit it now or later.....because later you might not be able to find all of the original shades.....and frankly, although people do recolour Rowan designs, I think that you really need to knit them in the originals.....after all, these designers are genius! (Just my opinion of course -- feel free to knit your way -- that's the great thing about knitting - you always have a choice!)


  1. I seriously love that coat, too. Was looking at it the other day. Don't have the book yet...probably a good thing! LOL I agree....the colors are great. Not something I would usually do, but this one needs to be this colorway. Love it.

    Yes, I hate it when something grabs me like that quilt! I was in the store for a few fat quarters......saw one on the wall done in oranges, hot pinks and lime greens....I was totally enamored. GEEZ! But it is fun. Seems like summer makes me want to sew, fall I want to knit. I NEVER want to work. hahaha

    Good to "see" you! :0) I was just pulling out a kit I got from you a while back.........hmmmm.....serendipity? Or are you spying? ;0)

  2. A HA! Anne, I knew it. I thought I saw an eye peering back at me through that camera.......umm......sorry about the state of my dress. Sweats are my uniform in the summer. ;0)


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