Hibiscus Cardigan......armhole steeks

I've reached the armhole steeks -- the steek is marked here with my little sheep stitch markers.

You can see that I am multi-tasking -- reading the third Percy Jackson book when I take a break from my knitting.

One thing I have to say here -- I'm usually not a big fan of charts done in colour -- but kudos to Simply Shetland -- this chart is big, the colours are easily distinguished from each other -- I can read it easily while I'm knitting......thank you Simply Shetland for a terrific job in the printing of this pattern.

It's Sunday - it's hot - I've spent the morning outside but it's time for a break. The Queen's Plate race is on TV - HRH Queen Elizabeth and hubby are here visiting Canada and will be there -- so I am going to sit down with my knitting, watch the parade of hats and yes, watch the race LOL!

Check out Deb's Hibiscus Cardigan at her blog - she's finished~ yeah for Deb!

Happy Knitting


  1. Mine is done and I love it! I managed to get my sister to model it for me (she's much more photogenic than I am). I am so pleased with how this sweater turned out.


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