I've been waiting ever so patiently.....well, maybe not so patiently LOL!!!

The "Free Gift" with the Rowan International membership this year is this Rowan Jute bag.......a lot of RI members on Ravelry were quite vocal about how they felt ripped off.......


  1. You got #48?! I'm so smitten with some of the patterns. Can't wait to get mine.

  2. oh, I NEED this latest Rowan! and yes, I would also not be happy with the bag! strange! we want YARN!

  3. I, for one, understand that a yarn gift is most desired. However, times are rough and the economy has hurt most businesses. The unemployed are turning to less expensive yarns or trading what they have for other yarn.
    Yes, I love, love, love everything Rowan, but am willing to go along with the fact that they must have felt it necessary to tighten their knitted belt this time around. I will still subscribe to Rowan, no matter what. -Cheers, Catherine


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