Daisy and Lackie get a makevoer.......

Daisy and Lackie went for a hair cut today.......

Here's what they looked like last night......

Daisy (L) and Lackie (R) before....

I wanted to post an "after" photo -- but they both politely declined....they want to wait a couple of weeks so that they don't have that "just cut" (ie baldy) look!

edited because I just noticed that I'd identified the incorrectly -- Daisy on the left and Lackie on the right LOL!!!


  1. You know, I really do think that dogs are more self-conscious after a hair cut - Maggie, our retriever/poodle, is a completely different dog with short hair - quieter, much less of a trouble-maker...

    so Lackie and Daisy not wanting to pose for their after-shot doesn't surprise me at all... :-)

  2. My dog use to patiently wait for everyone to get home and see her with her bow on, them race outside and roll aggressively in the grass.

  3. Please let Lackie and Daisy know that Flour asks them nicely to pose for the after shot :)


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