But I managed to finish.......

The end of the story?
The peace and quiet on Sunday morning was the perfect time to finish Ann Cleeves' Blue Lightning....the fourth and final instalment of her Shetland series.  I could never have guessed what was going to happen - it stunned me, and I was glad to be alone - to think about it and to reflect on how life can change so quickly.


  1. Everytime she came out with one of these books I stayed up late and finished it. This one shook me up though. I never expect any of her endings but certainly not this one. I love these books though. I am not a mystery fan but these books made me feel involved in the story, the people and the settings (as well as the seasons). I really recommend them.

  2. Now you've got me intrigued about the books. Haven't read them before, but now will have to take a look. BTW, love the mug!

  3. Herdy mug! Same colour as mine :-)


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