Alice Sighting.......

Alice Starmore, IKnit weekend 2009

It seems that Alice is coming out to play again this year at the IKnit London event in September.

It was great to finally meet her last year at this same event.......when her "Fair Isle Knitting" book reprint was released.

This year the IKnit people have managed to confirm that they will have copies of the reprinted Aran Knitting available at the IKnit it will be a great opportunity to get a signed copy for anyone that is over there at the time.

For about 1/2 hour today I was seriously considering jumping on a plane........but to make the trip worthwhile, we'd go for the previous weekend to attend the O Gauge Convention in Telford, and then a week later I'd want to be in London for IKnit......what to do in between it turns out that a two week vacation was needed to fill in the blanks LOL!!!

Every year I say I'm not going to the UK, then something happens like last year.....I couldn't resist Alice......and I go again. Dear Hubby has already been once this year, so I AM RESISTING LOL!!!

Here's hoping that I can continue to stay strong......hmmmm London in September......we could go to Devon.......or Cornwall......we haven't been down there yet........

Happy Knitting,


  1. Devon and especiallly Cornwall is beautiful in September. Som nice yanr shops down here too. There is Spin A Yarn in bovey tracey in Devon and the nw Cornwall Yarn Shop in Launceston in cornwall.

    Come on, you know you want to. LOL.

  2. Honey, "staying strong" is for finishing a sweater or a course of algebra, not for resisting the desire to head off to one of my favorite countries to participate in my favorite activities (and yours, too)! Go, go! And report back to us.

  3. Anne,
    Just GO.
    It's less than The Challenger! LOL!

  4. yup – I agree – go for it!


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