Unexpected luncheon visitor..

It's rainy and overcast today, but yesterday was glorious, and we decided to have luncheon on the deck......chicken done on the bbq, with a salad of baby greens, goats cheese, raspberries, almonds and Raspberry dressing - delicious) The warm chicken makes the goats cheese melt and it is to absolutely die for! (can you tell this is one of my favourite meals?)
Did you notice the lovely orange snow fence attached to the railing of our deck. This is to stop Lackie from squeezing through the rails and escaping to the yard where he gets into all sort of mischief. (Hopefully when he is full grown and has bodied out, he won't fit through the rails - maybe by next year ????)

Well, yesterday Lackie and Daisy were going crazy and we couldn't figure out why. Behind us there is the neighbour's wood lot. They have been in there with a chain saw clearing out downed trees and tidying up in general. I guess it disturbed this fellow and he was sitting in the tree, watching us eat!
Eventually Lackie and Daisy were persuaded to come in, and this little guy climbed down and disappeared into the trees!

This afternoon is perfect for knitting and watching the World Cup - go South Africa!


  1. If I had a dollar for every racoon I see in my area! And they're not the least bit disturbed by us. That's a really great picture!

  2. Where there's one... there's more! :)

  3. I bet Lackie and Daisy were going crazy - my Westie would be in a frenzy if she saw a raccoon! She chases birds and butterflies...so a bigger animal definitely would be something that would make her go crazy.

    The salad sounds very good - hope you got to enjoy it with the dogs barking!


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