The Shetland Quartet

My neighbour told me about "Raven Black" a mystery set in Shetland by Ann Cleeves a few months before we (her and I) made our trip to Shetland in 2006. I scoured the shops in Lerwick (not hard as there aren't that many LOL!) and found, I believe, the last copy of "Raven Black" for sale in Shetland. It seemed appropriate to start the journey with Jimmy Perez while in Shetland.

This series of books is being called "The Shetland Quartet" as Ms. Cleeves always felt that 4 books would tell the story of Jimmy, and I've followed "Raven Black" with "White Nights" and "Red Bones" comes "Blue Lightning".
It looks like these books are going to be made into a television series for UK television....and hopefully it will be available internationally eventually..........fingers crossed.

Here's an interview with Ann Cleeves that appears April 2009 in The Scotsman.

I do hope they film it in Shetland - how exciting would that be - of course a film crew would probably fill up every available hotel room -- so there goes the tourist business LOL!!!

Although I love these books, and wish there were more.......Shetland is so small that I think 4 murders would be all they could stand!!!! Any more and it would be like Cabot Cove - remember the Jessica Fletcher series, she writes books in Cabot Cove and every week people are being bumped off left, right and centre! I'm surprised there was anyone left living there, that anyone would wand to move there or even visit!!! Thank goodness it was just a television show!

I'm reading Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" right now -- boy this is a huge book - over 800 pages! It's amazing how the Swedish names and places tax your comprehension - but I'm getting there. If this "Millenium Series" is as good as the critics claim, I might have to read all of them before getting to "Blue Lightening"......maybe not!

Oh, and Lackie boy has been at it again! Here's the proof!

Gotta love the little darling!

Happy Knitting


  1. Thanks for the book recommendations - I'll have to check it out! I was planning on "reading" the Larsson books by listening to them when I'm commuting. I've heard they are very good.

    Bad puppy! I've been so fortunate that Penny hasn't had an interest in yarn...

  2. Durn! Wish I'd seen your blog before my trip to Borders bookstore today! Will need to keep those names on the top layer of my grey matter!

  3. I have read all three books of Steig Larrson's millenium series and can highly recommend them. It was very difficult to put them down for even a short time and try to do other tasks. I had ordered the third book from the UK as I couldn't wait for the Canadian release.

  4. Anne- I have Raven Black, but it's in the pile to be read.

    Lackie is being quite a weener, isn't he?

  5. Oh no, not again! Lackie!

    Love your peonies and band in the previous post.


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