The Bridge Project

When Anne Hanson was here, I went to a couple of her presentations, and I started reading her Knitspot blog. While Anne was here in Southern Ontario, she met Sue Sturdy, who is working on an interested project as "Artist in Residence" at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts.

Well, I'm in the middle of cleaning out my former She Ewe Knits space here ..... and what did I find but this first attempt at original design -- left sleeveless, as usual........
so I got out my trusty scissors........
and sent the bottom half to Sue - hopefully she can use it for the bridge project.
This piece was inspired by Monet's was supposed to represent the waterlilies above the water, and their reflection in the water......sounded like an idea at the time LOL!!!


  1. Anne- What other treasures are in Aladdin's cave?

  2. Anne! That's beautiful! I want to know what else you have hidden as well...

  3. Wow, I can't believe you cut it! Working on a Fair Isle right now I think I would cry if it were to get cut in half! The water lilies were rather pretty.
    You're brave!

  4. Aaaaaagh! The water lilies are beautiful, I can't believe you just cut 'em off and sent 'em away! I hope you revive this design some time, I'd certainly be interested in knitting it.
    Glad the raccoon didn't go after Daisy and Lackie. Two years ago we had a family of three living under our deck in Park City, UT and they were vicious; Rick the Raccoon Man took them away and gave them a new zip code. I'm driving out with Spike next week so I hope they haven't returned.

  5. You are killing me. Killing me dead. I might have to come up there and rescue all the other UFOs before they fall victim to your new slasher mandate.


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