Playing with shadows....

This morning, after our walk around the park....where Lackie and Daisy met about a dozen firemen practicing their rescue techniques on the Rattlesnake Point bluffs.......we came home and DH decided it was a lovely morning for milky coffee on the deck.

I am not a fan of coffee (the drink - although I love coffee cream chocolates)....but milky coffee is quite tasty and a great change for the taste buds from my regular orange pekoe tea.

Sitting on the deck it was quite chilly -- so we drew back the awning a bit and as I was drinking my coffee, I started watching the way the sun came through the pergola, the fabulous blue sky, and of course had to take a photo or two....I liked this one the best.

DH likes to take photos of Lackie and Daisy -- here's a rare one - Lackie pooped out from his walk and Daisy sitting up sort of saying - what a wimp - that was a short walk LOL!!!
It's very interesting how the shadow pattern of the pergola plays in this photo.......don't you think?

Happy Knitting -- take time to enjoy the day!


  1. That's a great picture! Light and angles always intrigues me.


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