Hibiscus update

I've had to switch from two-handed stranded, to both strands in the right hand knitting.......my shoulder was acting up......but we're moving along.....Which reminds me of a comment by Carrie K........

As for swatches, not only do you have to knit the original one, but one should check one's gauge periodically as one knits on.......as it's entirely possible that mood swings show up in your project.....don't ask me how I know....grr.

So because I've changed my knitting technique, I'm checking my gauge.......and you should always check your gauge periodically during your projects. Sometimes as we get comfortable with a pattern (be it lace, aran, or stranded) we relax and our gauge changes - beware LOL!!!

On another note, I picked this up a couple of weeks ago while in Indigo's......I love Celine Dion.....you have to admire someone who handles it all with style and grace.....and I wish I'd seen her on this tour. I give her a........


Happy Knitting!


  1. Yeah, standing ovation for sure!

    Hibiscus is looking great. Take care of that shoulder. :)

  2. What a great blog!
    I'll be following your Hibiscus as I'm totally taken with it, both the stitch pattern and the colours you have chosen.

  3. Hibiscus looks wonderful - I hope your shoulder feels better quickly!

  4. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for directing me to your blog! I am excited about your knit-along... I am planning to knit the beautiful Hibiscus cardigan you designed and will read all the detailed blog entries with great interest!!

    I am in love with the fair isle pattern and the colors, but I was hoping to knit it in a longer length as short jackets don't look good on me. I might also want to make the sleeves a little longer. Would it be possible to add one more strip of the design to the bottom after knitting the edging?

    Any input you can give me would be SO appreciated! Do you know how much more yarn would be required for the extra strip?

    Thanks so much,

  5. Oh ....I soooo want to knit this!!!!!!! :)


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