Hibiscus Cardigan knit-along

I’m looking at my notes for the Hibiscus Cardigan -- I started this project in June of 2008 -- the pattern and sweater were finished by the end of August 2008…….so it’s been a while.

Since the pattern was officially published last fall, there have been a couple of queries about it.

Time is a funny thing -- it flies by, and with it goes any recollection of why you did what…..especially a design that we well, designed and knit 2 years ago LOL!

So, to satisfy myself of the accuracy of the pattern as printed, and to fully document any errors or omissions that may exist, I’m going to knit the Hibiscus Cardigan design again - this time for myself - and check the pattern as I do so…..

Anyone care to join me?

I propose to start June 1 - and I think I’ll be doing a different colorway - just to inspire me to get knitting and keep knitting -- I’ve never knit a sweater twice!

Edited to state that I will be using the original shades -- I just can't seem to see this in any other shades and since I love these colours - why not stick with the original?

This will be priority to me over the coming weeks and I intend to do a major blogfest on the whole experience.

I may just end up talking to/with myself -- don’t worry, I won’t mind LOL!!!

Edited to add a link to Michele's blog - check out her finished Hibiscus Cardi!


  1. Darling Anne,

    ALRIGHT! I will knit Hibiscus with you!!!

    Oh, what fun!! June 1st you say?

    How are we going to design sweaters, too?


  2. My pattern is on its way, Anne! I'm off to see if any of the yarn is in my stash.bo


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