Blog Tweaking......

After I closed She Ewe Knits, I changed computers.....and somehow have lost a lot of my contacts....especially people that commented on my blog....and I'd write back.....

A lot of blog readers lurk, and when they do comment, their e-mail isn't available to respond to.

So, during the knit along, if anyone comments and doesn't have their return e-mail made public for response, or maybe it is someone that I've corresponded with in the past and they think I have their e-mail (and maybe I don't LOL!) -- I will respond right here on the blog. This way any questions during the knit along will be posted here for everyone -- so if you have a question - please ask it via the comments.

If you'd like to ask a private question - please e-mail me at Anne at

DH has been recruited to do video clips and up close photos as necessary.

My Rev. 2/10 pattern has arrived from Karen at Simply Shetland, the yarn I needed to add to what I had on hand has arrived from Camilla Valley Farm, so I'm good to go.

Ready, set..........


  1. Yippee! Video clips! I'm ready to watch... while wearing my sweater. :)


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