Covent Garden

On Wednesday, we decided to explore Covent Garden. A short tube ride and we were there. It seemed like we'd just started walking when from the corner of my eye I spotted a familiar logo.......honestly, I didn't know it was there........

A Radley store -- full of Radley bags of all shapes, sizes and colours! Of course, one had to come home with me.

Don't know what a Radley bag is? Well, here's a link to the Radley web page.

A little further on we saw a sign for the London Transport Museum......for a tour of the history of the London Transport system....from the days of horse drawn carriages - to today.

After the Transport Museum, I felt that a little yarn shop visiting was in order........

See the Radley shopping bag? While I was looking around I Knit London, DH was happy -- after having something to drink in the "I Knit" shop, he went back down the road to the Ian Allan shop just over the road and down a bit -- Ian Allan being the biggest specialist book publisher in the UK - so DH was happy checking out the railway books!

After a quick trip back to the hotel to freshen up, drop off my Radley, and put our feet up for an hour.......back to Covent Garden for dinner -- and to the theatre!

THE MOUSETRAP, by Agatha Christie

We'd seen this play in Toronto, where it ran for 25 years, closing in January 2004. Being Agatha Christie fans, we had to see "The Mousetrap" while in London, where this play has been running for 58 consecutive years! We saw the 23,663 show.

Don't ask me "who done it" - we were sworn to secrecy!


  1. Oh, fabulous!!!! The I Knit store, the Mouse Trap, Covent Garden, the transportation museum.......I want to be you right now. :)

  2. I'm a fan of Agatha Christie, too. Looks like you are having fun! (and collecting a few souvenirs)

  3. I don't know what a Radley bag is- I'm so out of the loop.

    Covent Garden looks amazing.


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