Carrie ask me if I took photos inside the V&A -- well, just for you Carrie!

I was surprised that they let you take photos in the Museum.....I didn't really think about taking many photos -- my visit to the V&A focused on the Fashion exhibit. After that we wandered about here and there. But honestly, when you are in London for only a few days, I didn't want to spend my whole visit in Museums.........maybe next time!


  1. That is quite a fashion picture. Prepare yourself for about 150 comments on this one. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Well, well, well. Hello young man. You appear to have lost your sweater (among other things).

  3. Oh, excellent! Sorry to be so late to see it. I was able to take pictures at the Smithsonian, which surprised me too, so I thought I'd ask. And I can understand seeing London proper rather than the museums!


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