London - Victoria & Albert Museum


A favourite of Kaffe Fassett.......the V&A.....our first "London tube" adventure.....just reading the tube map was intense....but once you get the hang of it.....easy!

Wanting to replicate the photo of "himself" sitting on the steps, knitting - well, I forgot my knitting and there was already someone sitting in "his" spot.....and I wanted the V&A banner in the shot, so this is all wrong, I'm in the shade, but you get the picture right? If you don't know what I'm talking about (???) here's a link to the Kaffe Fassett interview video.This is the courtyard of the museum - a paddling pond, and.........a tea room! There's Alan in the queue!You'll never guess what this is............I asked if you could guess what this is........Lorraine, no it's not Kaffe Fassett stitch markers LOL -- but yes Uhltje, it is the big and little blush buttons in theV&A washroom! So send me your address info by e-mail to me at anne at -- ok? I should have know that I wasn't the only one who would notice these spectacular buttons!

The V&A ladies washroom was spectacular. All white marble with big black swirls cut into it -- and the sinks....
White marble again - see how shallow the basin is? and the water flows over and down the outside of that lower level......very stylish but I wonder just how you clean it LOL!!! Love those brass fixtures.

Well Anne, what did you do on your vacation? Take photos of washrooms? How strange LOL!!!

to be continued....


  1. I'm not sure if I dare to be the first one to guess, but here goes.
    Are these buttons to flush the toilet? One large and one small so you don't spoil a lot of flushing water, when it's just a bit of pee.
    And then it turns out to be something entirely different and I've just made a fool of myself but hé, this is the first thing that came into my mind.

  2. Anne- Did you see the costume exhibit? I went years ago.

    Um, Kaffe Fassett's stitch markers?

  3. Whoa, they've really renovated the Ladies' since I was last there (okay, that's quite a while, would you believe 2002?). I was never lucky enough to run into Himself on my visits either, but I sure enjoyed all the textile exhibits...did you see the room of medieval tapestries?!?

  4. Pretty fancy washroms!

    You did get pix inside the museum, right?


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