Chartwell - progress

You'll notice that Chartwell is off the needles. Well, I'd noticed that I was "off" the pattern a bit -- I did a couple of extra 2k tog and hoped for the best but it was obvious things weren't working.....

So I did the unthinkable - I ripped back in Kidsilk Haze!

Lorraine, lace knitter extraordinaire had warned me about Kidsilk Haze -- don't try to rip it back she's horrible to rip back...I think she might have used stronger language, but I got the message.

So what's a person to do when they know they can't continue...and they can't rip back?

Well, you stuff you mohair in the freezer for half an hour, let it get really nice and cold, and you rip back no problem.......did we discuss the freezer thing Lorraine? I can't remember..........

Wherever I picked up this little tidbit of info from doesn't really matter. The important thing is that it worked a charm!

Happy Knitting


  1. Thanks for the tip--in case I have to unravel when I pick up my Kidsilk Haze Project again.

  2. One of the things I love about what we do is that there is always something new to learn - thanks!

  3. Great tip! I'll keep that in mind because ALL my lace projects have had to be ripped... usually many times!

  4. My German mother in law who loved to knit with mohair (she doesnt knit anymore, hands cant handle it) always told me that. She couldnt take the fluffy bits so she rigged a little cooler and drilled a hole in it, to make a long story short.. she always knitted it cold lol.

  5. Who knew?! That's a great tip!
    Sorry you had to rip back. :(

  6. Well, I'm sorry to hear you had to rip back but that is one fabulous tip.

    Chartwell is really gorgeous. I love the diamonds.

  7. Oh if only I'd known this 30 years ago when I had to rip the entire back of a tunic length 4-coloured intarsia mohair sweater - the last time I started knitting without swatching first :-( Wonderful tip, thanks Anne.


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