Chartwell - a new thing for me!

I haven't done a lot of lace knitting.....but I have totally fallen for Kidsilk Haze lately....and Rowan always seems to have something nice in Kidsilk Haze in their books.....Rowan 46 is no exception.

So, I bought myself 4 balls of Kidsilk Haze in a shade called's actually a greeny gold browny shade........and it's lovely......and I've cast on......and I've given myself a deadline!!!

Am I crazy or what?


  1. Anne- It's hard to resist. Rowan does have the most amazing things.

    Looks like you're a lace pro to me.

  2. Crazy depends on the deadline you've established. Did I tell you mine? Cashmere St. Brigid between kickoff for the football season (mid-Sept) and the final play of the superbowl (early February).

  3. You're only crazy is the deadline is tomorrow... ;)

    Kidsilk haze is yummy & addictive!

  4. I've tried to e-mail you (using your shop address) and it was returned. Please advise how to get in touch with you regarding a pattern order.


  5. Oooh... it's looking beautiful! I love that color too.
    (Just finished the Old Contemptibles. Martha Grimes is wonderful and her books are getting better and better.)

  6. It's a wonderful start. I have some of the yarn in a burgundy kind of plum color and am making the melon shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Can't wait to get back to it. It's like knitting air or thisledown or something ethereal like that.

  7. I've not knit with Kidsilk Haze yet but that picture looks lovely! Now that you are a big Vogue celebrity you just might be driven by deadlines...LOL...hint hint..more publications please.


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