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The summer has flown by in a rather unusual way this year.....can't tell you exactly why the time has passed so quickly. Things that I wanted to do haven't been done...people I wanted to see haven't been seen........I'm hoping to catch up this fall. After such a strange, and short! summer...I'm hoping for a beautiful long Fall.

Grimes Update -- I fell off of the Grimes schedule for a while -- read the first two books in the Twilight Series - Twilight and New Moon - wouldn't have thought that these would be my cup of tea......Twilight was good, New Moon started to drag a bit but the ending was "you've got to read the next book to find out how they work this out!" I'll continue the series later.
I also read "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" - classics that I thought I'd read at one point, but actually I hadn't.....thanks to Renee for giving me my copy!
Another book recently read was "Red Bones" by Ann Cleaves -- the third of her Shetland mystery series. It was a good book......tied current day Shetland into it's history. I won't say any more -- read it if you like mysteries.
Then I read four Hamish Macbeth stories by M.C. Beaton. A fan of the British TV show, I'd never read these before and thanks goes to Carolyn for telling me about them.
Last on the list, which I'm reading right now, is the latest Graham Hurley book "No Lovelier Death". These are sequential books featuring Joe Faraday, a DI in Portsmouth and this one is actually promoted as a "Faraday and Winter" novel.....Paul Winter, ex cop, who has gone over to the other side......intriguing seeing the story from two angles.....not quite finished this one yet.
OK, as to knitting......I finished the Lace Panel Jacket - a design from the new Debbie Bliss pattern book "The Big Easy" - done in Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed Chunky - this was a wonderful knit.

I also finished my "Chartwell" from Rowan 46 -- running out of time I made an executive decision to turn it into a stole (rather than a shawl) and I finished it off by repeating the starting zig zag pattern.....when you look at the pattern you'll see what I made a lovely light wrap and I wore it to a wedding last weekend.......
Happy Knitting!


  1. I know where your summer went! into the pages of a book and stitches in a cardigan. (Okay, stole too. :)

    Gorgeous cardigan and stole, btw. Intriging book list - I don't think I've read the Hamish MacBeth stories.

    Are you ever opening your yarn shop up again?

  2. I love when you recommend mystery books, because I love mystery books, but am not up on good authors. Off to the Library I go.
    Beautiful Knits!

  3. That cardigan looks so comfy.
    Love Chartwell! I can just feel the mohair!

    Yeah, summer flew by for me too.

  4. Anne- Oh, the Executive decisions we knitters must make- people have no idea!

    Glad you finished and wore it- the colour is perfect.

  5. Both your new projects look so wonderful... I really love the stole.

    Thanks for the book tip... I really have been enjoying Martha Grimes, so if you like the Twilight series, I probably will too.


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