The Deer Leap

Published in 1985

Una Quick had been searching for two days for her dog Pepper.

Polly Praed is in Ashdown Dean, on a road trip for inspiration for her latest novel, when Una's body falls out of a telephone call box at her feet. What's a girl to do but phone her friend Melrose Plant, tell him that it's murder and that his friend Richard Jury needs to investigate.

Neither pets or residents of Ashdown Dean are safe. And jury leaves his new neighbour, Carole-Anne Palutski, who will fast become part of his London answer his friends call.

Young Carrie Fleet, local animal rights activist, saves Polly's cat Barney and finds her own beloved dog Bingo has disappeared.

Plant is jealous that Polly only called him to get Jury to come....but it's lucky for Jury that Plant is covering his back.....

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