The Anodyne Necklace

Published in 1983.

"It was a dead time in the London underground - after lunch and before rush hour - when the last plaintive notes of a Chopin nocturne floated from Katie O'Brien's violin down the tiled corridor."

How are 3 totally different crimes related? The stolen necklace, the young girl attacked in the London underground station, the woman found dead in the Horndean Wood of Littlebourne.

Melrose Plant meets Poly Praed, mystery writer - who when invited to visit Ardry End (Melrose is smitten) - but she wants to know how much a Police Superintendent makes.

Richard Jury meets Jenny Kennington for the first time.

We meet the unforgettable Cripps family.

....and Emily Louise Perk holds the key.


  1. I'm off to the Public Library today. Will take out a copy by this author, take one for a test run.


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