Jerusalem Inn

Published in 1984

"Feeling sorry for yourself Jury? No kith, no kin, no wife, no ..."

It's Christmas, and Superintendent Richard Jury is on his way to spend the holiday with his Cousin in Newcastle........when he meets Helen Minton in the graveyard of the Catholic Church in the village of Washington.

"Will you be back?"

A gust of snow had pulled at her sweater collar, and he reached up and drew it together, drawing her, at the same time, a little closer. "Now, you know I'll be back." They looked at one another for a moment before she smiled, and said, "Yes, I expect you will."

The next time he saw her, she was dead.

Vivian is back, and she's invited to a Christmas house party....she takes Melrose with her and unfortunately Aunt Agatha gets herself invited along. Jury shows up, to inform a fellow guest, Helen's brother, of her death.

Little Chrissie at the pub provides the clue.

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