It's a new day......

You'll notice that I've changed my Blogger template......much lighter and crisper....sort of how I'm feeling these days.

I've shut down She Ewe Knits.......8 years was enough.....time to move on.

There are some wonderful designs out there....and I've got quite a few on my "must knit" list....I'm totally addicted to kidsilk haze, so I see another project in that in the future for sure....maybe try some lace.....some more socks (after all, I have about 20 balls of Opal just sitting there begging to be socks LOL!).......and I've got a couple of designs being published this'll have to wait and see.....

So, a switch from yarn retailing, to knitting for myself and maybe sometimes having my knitting turn into a design to enable others to buy more yarn!

I'm converting my free patterns from my old web site to free downloads on Ravelry....and will offer my Eshaness cardi pattern there....once I figure out how to do it of course!

This blog will carry on as is with no rhyme or reason (as usual) .

My aim for the next little while is to simplify, simplify......enjoy the summer....and in the fall, well, we'll see what the future holds.


  1. A change is better than a rest - I can't wait to see your designs Anne!

  2. Anne, congratulations on your change and new focus - I'll be watching...

    you must have one heck of a stash now...

  3. Maureen in Fargo7 June 2009 at 11:29

    Anne, I'll miss you as my Spindrift supplier but I'm glad you're happy with your decision. Good Luck in whatever you decide to do!

    I just have one buttonband to knit on my Ravelry for FO photos!

  4. Anne - sometimes moving on is the best thing to do. Totally understand the desire to knit for knitting's sake. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your future blog posts along with the finished projects and designs. And, if you have any 6 ply DK Opal in your stash, I have a sock project that needs test knitting...hint, hint.

  5. So... now that you have a bit of time.. wanna have tea at the new british shop?? we can bring our knitting :) Cheers! Vall

  6. Good for you! I was afraid you would loose your love of knitting which so often happens when you make your hobby your business. I hate sewing now because I spent many years sewing liners for Longaberger baskets with designer fabric. Profitable but resulted in major sewing burnout.

    I always go to your site for that how the JS yarns correlate to AS colors. Will that still be up? And, I was hoping to have you help me with Erin colors someday...someday...someday..

  7. Anne- Was it really 8 years?

  8. I'll miss you as my Spindrift supplier too, but glad you're happy!

    Eshaness is still my favorite cardi. :)

    Enjoy every day! Stay in the present!

  9. I'm glad you're back blogging again. Looking forward to new designs, and new ideas and books, and projects...

  10. Well darn, I'll miss you as my supplier too but 8 years is a long time! Time to knit and enjoy yourself.

    I like the Richard Jury novels too but the last one I read was where he was shot. I'm assuming he survived but since I had to wait a year to find out! I stopped reading them.

  11. I'll miss getting yarn packages from you too, Anne, but I'm looking forward to seeing your projects and designs.


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