Daisy Doodling - "Scragging"

At one time I thought of calling my blog "Daisy Doodlings" - the random thoughts of a dog owner totally infatuated with her dog type of thing. I thought it was a little too "cutsie" and took my hubby's suggestion of "Shades of Shetland. Sometimes (albeit rarely) it pays to listen to the hubby LOL!!!

So, in honour of Daisy, I'll occasionally post a "Daisy Doodling" featuring my Miss Daisy.

Daisy loves to be "scragged" - while on her back, getting her tummy rubbed either with your hands, or your feet! Even better if she's holding a ball in her mouth!


  1. Anne, keep those Daisy Doodles coming please! Here we do Spike Scrunching rather than scragging but I like that one too.

  2. Oh! LOL! She's so cute! Love her summer cut too. How do you keep her so white?! (I need a Daisy!)

  3. So awesome! I love how she would go on her back! she looks lovely!!


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