Visitors and Visiting....

Daisy had a visitor this morning........what you can't see is her tail wagging like crazy!
I visited Lorraine and Zelda this afternoon (after a dentist appointment). Zelda is pretty darn cute, for a dragon!
I also got a private viewing of Lorraine's new design.....the Tamarind's a photo with the designer herself! A photograph just can't do this tunic justice - the shades are gorgeous, and I love the great hats Lorraine finds to photograph with her designs....that's another bit of "twist" she brings to her designs.


  1. Anne- Thanks for coming to visit with all the animals, including my son.

    The hats are from a place called "Retro G"- she's an English Milliner, and her logo says "You will be noticed!"

  2. What a fun day. Lorraine looks fabulous! So does her tunic!

  3. Daisy looks so happy! Trying to commune with nature through chipmunks.

    You luckies. You, Lorraine and Brigette all so close. You can just drop in for a visit...

    sulks away

  4. You are so lucky you can just visit knitting friends! The pictures are just great... thanks, Anne.

  5. Ah, you're so lucky to have seen Tamarind up close! It is beautiful, another TT hit.

    Hi Daisy! Don't be chasing the chipmunk, he may not come back!


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