Fair Isle Knitting Patterns

Fair Isle Knitting Patterns
Reproducing the known work of Robert Williamson
by Mary Macgregor

ISBN 978 I 904746 49 9

published by The Shetland Times Ltd.
Gremista, Lerwick

Tel: 011 44 1595 695531
E-mail: bookshop@shetland-times.co.uk
They list a web site, but it isn't valid!!!

There is a warning in this book....it's not about technique or the history of fair isle knitting. It's strictly a black/white reproduction of some typical motifs used for fair isle knitting in Shetland.
I got mine direct from the Shetland Times -- it's hot off the presses - and not shown in the 2008 catalogue!

If you are into designing your own you might want to add a copy to your personal library. As I said, you can never have too many motif references!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Even though I will probably never design a Fair Isle, I still want the book! What a great addition to a reference library. Must find it! Now.

  2. That is a great addition to any serious knitter's library! Where do you find these gems?!

  3. Oooh, sweet, Anne! Thanks for the info!

    Also Daisy is adorable. Adorable.


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