Rowan Purelife - British Breed Sheep

I have been knitting......really I have....honest!

The Rowan Addiction that I mentioned earlier this year? Well, it is still with me......I decided just to go with it, let it run it's course, and see what happens can't be bad right?

So right now I'm knitting with the Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds yarn - chunky weight in Black Welsh - what can I say.......feels good, knits up beautifully, and it smells like sheep!

What more could a girl possibly want?

The first pattern book for this yarn is full of gorgeous photos...the models are good looking clean fresh faced, dressed in luscious sweaters, and at time surrounded by sheep.

I'm knitting the "Thwaite Mens" sweater for the hubby. He's been waiting for a hand knit sweater for a long time ... poor guy .... so I'm going to have this done for him by Christmas.

Progress has been good....the back is done, as is the left front and I'm almost done the right front. Then all it will take is two sleeves and the front bands and collar.

The pattern calls for leaving 7 stitches on a holder after the rib on the front pieces, knitting the front, then going back and knitting the bands on a smaller needle, slightly stretching them up the front, and sewing them on.

I really dislike doing this - yes, I see what they're doing -- make the front band tighter so that it doesn't droop right?

Well, a light bulb moment happened for me....perhaps others have had this same thought and done it without realizing how great it is......but I just knit the front pieces doing the band section on 6mm needles, while I knit the body on 7 mm needles.

The band is knit at the same time, it's a tighter gauge, it flows seamlesly from the front body piece and I LOVE IT!!!

(Tongue firmly inserted in cheek here) Sometimes I amaze myself LOL!!! It's so easy, obviously someone must have done this before right?

The button band is perfect -- it's slightly tighter than the body and will sit beautifully up the front of the sweater. This design calls for loops to be attached to the front band to go around the buttons. I've got the buttons already.
It looks so goooood! says Daisy. Caelee is totally unimpressed (as usual).

Note: The pattern called for 10 balls of the yarn for the largest two sizes. I'm knitting the second largest one -- and I'm worried about enough yarn -- I MIGHT have enough, I might not -- it's going to be really close. Just in case, I've got my LYS Owner Carolyn putting aside a couple of balls "just in case". I might just make hubby a hat to go with his new sweater.

More Rowan Adventures next time.


  1. Hello,

    Your sweater progress looks great and the yarn scrumptious. My question is though- how do you knit a large project like a sweater without your husband noticing and spoiling the surprise?


  2. I love the sheep breed yarn, I made one sweater already with it and I'm planning on Linden (from Twist) in Mid-Brown Jacob. Once Rona is finished, of course (just steek trimming and blocking left to go).

  3. '...smells like a sheep!' LOL!!
    You sound like Wooly! :D

    I'm with Daisy - looks good!
    It shows how advanced you are, that you can 'make it work!' m :)

  4. Looks good and you are so creative and innovative. Can I smell your yarn?

  5. Must - have - this - book! Why haven't I heard about it before?! Thank you for sharing, Anne, it looks fantastic (and I could even spin yarns from my stash of rare breed fibre brought home from the U.K. a few years ago, how perfect is that!).

  6. What a lovely hubby sweater! I think my husband would love that pattern, too! Hmmmmmm...maybe when I am FINALLY finished with Alcea!

  7. Anne- You're actually going to let Alan wear a sweater. What a concept!

    I had a sniff of that stuff and it's worth buying just for the smell alone- very sheepy and earthy.

    Caelee is a hard nut to crack, isn't she?

  8. Mmmm, that's the stuff Lorraine stuffed under my nose at Romni! I'm so glad Rowan decided to get back into good quality wool.

    Aw Daisy! I smile every time I see your sweet face in the commercials.


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