Workshop Holiday Monday

Last Monday, I attended a terrific workshop co-hosted by my LYS, Main St. Yarns of Milton, and Shall We Knit of New Hamburg, both here in Southern Ontario.
It was Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada last weekend -- so the Monday was a holiday, and this workshop was held in Elora, a beautiful little town, at a terrific B&B called Drew House. Our host Roger, I don't think realized what he was getting into.
I drove up there on Sunday night with Carolyn, owner of MSY, and we met Karen (Shall We Knit) to get set up for the big day. I helped set up a mini yarn store display which focused on Rowan yarns. We stayed in rooms in the coach house, where the workshop was going to be held the next day in the dining room.
The weekend weather was terrific, and Monday in particular was spectacular. After lunch, we started to break out into the courtyard between the coach house and the main house, and enjoy some terrific weather.
I was caught trying on one of the display garments.
Oh dear, you're wondering what the workshop was about are you????? It was a day of experimenting with colour with Brandon Mably. Everyone brought a selection of yarn, which was added to the yarn provided for the workshop, and after a brief introduction, we were encouraged to jump in, get knitting and be adventuresome! Brandon went around the room from table to table to give personal colour consultations. Here he is critiquing my swatch!
As I said, the weather was spectacular, and we jumped at the chance to knit outdoors. Here is Brandon doing the final wrap up review of all of the workshop swatches.
While we were doing our knitting, every once in a while we'd catch a glimpse of another knitter........
Here is a photo "kinneared" so as not to be too intrusive.......
here's another one.........from the back......
can you guess who it is?
Yes, the incomparable Kaffe Fassett was lurking about. He wasn't contracted to take part in the workshop, but he was going to do a book signing at the end of the workshop...and since it was such a tiny little town that we were in, after his morning stroll around town, he came back to settle in, read in the sun and eventually bring out his knitting. If you were brave enough to go up and talk to him, he would respond, but it was obvious he wanted to be left alone.
Once Brandon had done his critique of our workshop samples, Kaffe came out and quickly signed any books that we had..........I got him to sign my "Glorious Knits", and my latest "Kaffe Knits Again".
This is the second time I've taken this workshop with Brandon -- and I'll tell you the truth -- I got more out of it this time -- I was more adventuresome with my colour choices, and I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I'd done this workshop before. I love the Persian Poppy motif, and I'm contemplating using it in a vest for myself, inspired by this workshop.
If you ever get the opportunity to take this workshop with Brandon, please take it - you won't be disappointed.
Happy Knitting!


  1. Anne-Looks like you had the perfect day for it.

    I think Brandon and Kaffe have contributed so much to the knitting world.

  2. Oh, that sounds like such a great time! I would love to be able to attend a workshop like that.

  3. Wow, I'm almost inspired to get my old Persian Poppy vest (circa 1988)out of the deepest WIP pile and finish the darned thing. It was a labor of hate, but if someone else is doing it ...

  4. Wow! Just to be in their presence would make my day! I love that Kaffe had colorful socks on! :)


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