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Just got back from the UK where it was raining and flooding....luckily we missed the really bad bits, but we did get caught up in a sheep stampede in the rain!

At another point, we were surrounded by Highland Cows! We had to drive right thru them.... I got out and walked so that I could get up close for photos. The young ones are so adorable......

The big ones are so BIG....and have such huge horns!

Highlight of the trip was dinner on the "North Yorkshire Moors Pullman" train......very posh!

And although I hadn't taken any knitting with me, a sale of Rowan yarns at "House of Fraser" in Telford, followed up by a visit to "Up Country" in Holmfirth, and well a little bit of knitting later led to this.

I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with this, but I have an idea.......
Happy Knitting!


  1. Welcome home Anne! Holmfirth? The home Kim Hargreaves!

    That's probably a drop in the bucket compared to what I would have brought home!!

  2. Anne- You got up close and personal with your favorite cows.

    Too bad one wouldn't fit in the car.

  3. OMG.... lucky you... and Telford.. :) did you get to Ironbridge too??? I hope you had fun! Vall

  4. Lucky you! I hope you had a great time! You're right... the "little ones" are so cute, but those horns do look intimidating!
    Welcome back!

  5. The stampeding sheep look like the ones on your Aug 19 post but after a good rinse! Love those shaggy Highland cattle.

  6. You didn't take any knitting with you on a trip???? Unthinkable!

    Those are the strangest looking cattle I've ever seen but somehow cute!


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