I got it!

I just got "Little Birds", so I went back and bought Bonnie by Fiona Ellis -- I love this idea!

You get to read the magazine for free, and if you really want one of the patterns you can instantly buy it -- no running around trying to find it somewhere....and the designer gets paid for every sale of their pattern.

I wish I'd know there was going to be a design using Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift, I'd of advertised.

You know the Spindrift recommended retail has gone up from $4.75 to $5.60.....as much as we might not like it, these things have to happen. What with the manufacturer facing increased prices (like paying a fair dollar to the farmer for their fleece, salaries to keep their employees, and utilities that just always seem to be going up), and the distributor (who we expect to maintain a large stock on hand) with all of their expenses going up, including higher shipping costs with the price of oil right now, it all means that prices go up. The retailer (that's me) is the one that reflects the increase in RRP (that's recommended retail price) to the consumer (that's you). We all deserve to make some profit on the investment that we have in our businesses (small or large). That's the way of the business world. As much as we'd like things to be free.....that's just not practical is it?

OK, back to Little Birds......it takes a significant amount of Eesit, the background shade.......up to 10 balls of Eesit......I just happen to have 3 bags of Eesit on my shelf....so I'm good for 3 yarn packs for the Little Birds design.

Of course, you can recolour this design easily -- it's 3 shades, a background and two pattern shades -- not exactly a traditional fair isle in motif, but it's knit traditionally, in the round, using steeks which are later cut open.

Any design that uses traditional Shetland yarn, authentic Shetland yarn, as far as I'm concerned, is good !!!

It's an exciting time in the knitting world. With on-line knitting magazines (first Knitnet, then came Knitty and now Twist Collective - and there may be others)..........networking via Yahoo groups, private lists and sites and now Ravelry........there seem to be more print knitting magazines than ever......free patterns available all over the internet......the internet, with blogs and web sites galore, what an impact on the knitting world it has been!

Whew, I have to go knit for a while!


  1. I'm excited about Twist Collective! I'm enamoured with Bonnie (and another one I forget the name of).

    Having a blast in Newfoundland!

  2. I love Little Birds! I'm just wondering if the, uh, boobage will make it impractical...


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