Watch Oprah Tomorrow!

Thursday, May 29 -- a repeat of the most talked about show this season -- Lisa Ling Investigates Puppy Mills.

If you love animals, this will shock you........but it will show you why you must buy your pets from reputable breeders, or rescue agencies. If people quit buying pets from these disgusting people, they wouldn't be in the business because all they want is the money.

The Oprah web site says that because of the response of the viewers to this story -- there is a surprising update -- I hope it's a good one!


  1. And here I had convinced myself I would be clicking over to read your insightful views on the Simply Shetland 5 preview (I'm not sure I can watch the puppy show...I'm too much of a softie).

  2. Anne- It upset me so much I couldn't watch it. It was too horrifying.

    But it's good she's making people aware.


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