I'm ba ba baaaaack!

Maryland Sheep & Wool!

Well, what can I say........The main thoroughfare at the Festival is like going to the CNE on a Saturday afternoon......it's so packed and the lines to the food vendors and select booths are so long......

especially the line to buy Festival merchandise -- I swear to you, people waited in line for hours just to buy a t-shirt!!!!!

I caught one of the sheep dog exhibitions........the sheep were particularly cantankerous and made it hard for the dog and shepherds.....

but they managed to get them under control.

One of the unique aspects of this fair is that you get up close and personal with all of the great fibre animals......this is a pretty spectacular example....

Quinn, the Llama........he is so gorgeous, and he knows it!

I succumbed to the spinning goddess, and purchase some fleece and a drop spindle.....here's my hostess for the weekend, Phyliss, demonstrating drop spindle spinning in the parking field at the fair...

-- thank you Phyliss for a great weekend, for your personal tour of Washington, and your hospitality!


  1. Wow. That looks utterly overwhelming. And very cool.

  2. Many thanks for the illustrated report. What a crowd !!!

  3. Many thanks for the illustrated report. What a crowd !!!

  4. My absolute pleasure! So have you tried the spindle?

  5. I'm sorry I didn't happen to run into you there, although it's hard in a crowd, without turning to everyone you pass and saying, "Are you a knitting blogger? Are you?" :)

    This year was my first MSWF, and I certainly hope not my last! I had a blast, both days, and I also got my first drop spindle, and am trying to learn to spin!

  6. Um. Wow. That is a huge crowd! Did you pick anything up?!

  7. Anne- Were there any deep-fried twinkies?

    Love the sheepdogs.

  8. It was lovely to meet you! I think there were more people there than I've seen before. Did you manage to score a funnel cake? Hope you didn't get hit with excess baggage charges for all the yarn purchases on your flight home :D

  9. Aha, bitten by the spinning bug! Can a wheel be far behind? (I never did get the hang of a drop spindle, pardon the pun - but I love my spinning wheel!)

  10. WOW! That is one huge crowd!
    Looks like you had fun... wish I had been there.

  11. I can't believe the crowd! and that you bought a drop spindle! Oh, I wish I had been there too! :)


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