Guided Tour

I'm a member of the guilded tour through the "New Pathways" sock club at my local yarn store. Our intrepid guide gave an overview on her blog of how it all works.

While I am an excellent traveller, and usually stick to the prescribed itinerary.....I did wander away for a while to do some fair isle I missed the second sock. But I'm back on track with the third sock, the Spiraling Coriolis.....if I can get past the cast on for the Whirlpool Toe that is!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. 'fair isle swatching...'
    Anne, did you think you could sneak that by me?! LOL!! :)

    Tell me! What are you swatching?

  2. As a "devotee" of the New Pathways, I have found the Whirlpool toe is easier to start on 2 circs. That has become my favorite toe.


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