Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks

Knit in Opal hand-dyed yarn, these socks were a fun knit -- unusual (to me) arch and heel.

I wish now that I'd knit one size smaller, so I bought another skein of yarn to do just that!

Daisy wondes when it's going to be Spring.....she's still sleeping on the heat registers.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Anne- I guess it does get colder up north in Milton!

    Those socks are so you!

  2. What a great color!
    Daisy has the right idea. All I can do is wear wool socks (still) and put a sweater on!

  3. I think Daisy's turning into a diva, what with all the commercials she's been doing! And you're right - she looks NOTHING like Morag!

  4. Love that color too!
    Daisy is lucky to have a fur coat... and a heater to sleep on! Has she asked for a tiara? :)


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