Earth Day

I've been reading "Tne New Earth" and contemplating life in general...

On a day when the whole world is going to show it's support for energy conservation by turning the lights out for one seems appropriate for me to turn the lights out here at Shades of Shetland and over at She Ewe Knits too.

I know that turning your lights off for one hour isn't going to save the world, but maybe it will make us all think about turning those lights off more often.

We had new outdoor lights installed last year, complete with a programmable control that recognizes daylight savings time and is supposed to automatically adjust the timing of the lights -- we've set it to turn them on at dusk and off at midnight.......well, that's the aim anyway.

We've tried every setting and have been totally confused -- sometimes they come on at dusk and go off an hour later -- sometimes they come on at dusk and stay on all night! --
sometimes they come on in the day and go off at dusk.

So in addition to turning our lights off at 8:00 pm for one hour tonight........I'm also going to turn off the automatic timer LOL!!!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad to read that so many people participated in Earth Hour!


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