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  1. I was there, cheering Hazel on! It was quite exciting!! She wasn't able to use her belt for the competition on Saturday but gave a demo using the belt with two colors yesterday. The audience was fascinated as most of them had no idea knitting belts even existed.

    One of the knitters in the audience asked her how she joined new colors in. She replied that she just tied the new color in and had her husband (who happened to be sitting right in front of the gal who asked the question) take off his Fair Isle pullover and show her the inside and how the yarn felted.

    I visited with her a little and she complimented me on my Roscalie!

  2. Oh my, she is fast. Thank goodness she doesn't run as well or she'd be after my record!

  3. My son timed me once at, I think, 44 sts per minute, in plain stockinette.
    Read the article and was curious about the belt. I have seen them but never in use. Would sure like to see that.


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