Happy 2008!

SNOW! It won't be long til we're up there in snow......snow..... during the holidays we went to see Irving Berlin's White Christmas -- a favourite movie of mine so I had to see it live at the Sony Theatre in Toronto.

While Christmas itself was white, but not fresh white......we started the new year off with a new fresh blanket of snow....

Enough to be snowed in until reinforcements came to dig us out!

"You sure I won't get lost out here?"
(Sorry for the camera angle, ahem, but I just couldn't resist LOL!)


  1. Well, there's a side of Daisy I don't see everyday ;)

    I think you got more snow up there than we got down in the lowlands.

  2. The little hussy! Spike is equally shameless. He helped me open the Autumn Oregon kit on Christmas Day and thought it smelled great. My appreciation is a more visual and tactile one.

  3. Oh Daisy! You cutie! So nice that her tail goes straight up.

  4. Daisy was showing you her best pose and you had to pull a Demille and whine about the camera angle. Its okay Daisy, some of us are really into artistic freedom. Love your snow pictures. So lovely and undrifted and fresh looking. Happy New Year!

  5. Daisy! Did you find your way home?
    Did you have a 'snow' face?!

    Happy New Year to you all! m :)

  6. Daisy is so cute!

    Wow. It really does snow a lot everywhere else.

  7. Hah! Anne - your yard looks like mine did last week! Now we are in the 50's. Its all melting but freezes overnight to ice!

    And White Christmas is one of my favorite movies! Tell us more about the production you saw.

    Have a wonderful 2008!



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