Winter Solstice.....

A She Ewe Knits customer, and I'd like to think friend, said to me.....

"Merry Christmas, or whatever winter solstice day you celebrate."

That pretty much sums it up.......enjoy the holidays in your traditional way, or start a new tradition of your own!

Happy Christmas from me, and from Daisy too!


  1. Happy Christmas to you and Daisy too, Anne! I wish I'd had the camera handy to take some photos of Spike helping to put the lights on the tree - right in the thick of things as only a Westie can be. Hope you and yours have a good one.

  2. Warm wishes for a wonderful Yuletide......daisy looks well cute.

  3. Merry Christmas to you. Daisy is one cute puppy! give her a hug for me.

  4. Fabulous Fiber Festival tiem to you, too! Seriously, Merry Christmas and the very best of new years to come.

  5. Flour wishes Daisy a Merry Christmas :)
    Us humans also follow suit.

  6. Anne- The caption should read:"Can't she get me one that fits?".

    Here's looking forward to another year of great knitting.

  7. Happy New Year Anne! May 2008 bring you health and happiness. Susie x

  8. Happy belated holidays! And, of course your my friend -- I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Daisy looks adorable in a hat or from whatever angle you photograph her.

    All arrived safely today and are communing in the closet while I work on Rona.


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