Christmas Sweater Knitting

Isn't this sweater great? I whipped it up for DH this morning -- I hope he likes it - because this is about as close to a Christmas Sweater knit by me that he'll ever get.

If you want to make a Christmas Sweater for your special someone, go visit the We Hate Sheep, We Love Christmas Sweaters to make your own

Thanks to Sullivan Higdon & Sink for this creative opportunity, and thanks to Ravelry for pointing it out!

Make sure you have your speakers turned up to enjoy the great Christmas music!

Happy Christmas!


  1. Oh I bet Alan will be positively ecstatic when he sees it! (not)

  2. Oh! That's how you whipped it up this morning! Festive. I'm sure he'll LOVE it.

  3. WHAT?! Oh! I thought you were serious! and loosing your mind!

    Wasn't he getting Duxbury?

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! m:)


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