September - new project

Well I'm back from the UK -- had a great time -- the weather was really good and we enjoyed our Guest House in Goathland. This was our first time at the Fair Haven Guest House.....and I loved it. How could you not love it, with sheep in the front yard and a view like this from your bedroom window!
Goathland is a small village in the North Yorkshire Moors -- the train station there was used in the first Harry Potter films......I noticed that in this last film they didn't really use a station at all......too bad, the Goathland Station is lovely.

I should know, we spend A LOT OF TIME there. My DH loves the North Yorkshire Moors Railway -- always has -- and when we go to the UK (even if we travel to other areas) we always spend time here, stay in the area, ride the trains, photograph the trains, walk on the trails near the trains that take us to other great places to photograph the trains.....sometimes while he is doing that, I do this.....
Although I didn't get a lot of time to knit, I did get started on the Duxbury Point Pullover sleeve. I decided that since I'm really not an experienced cable knitter, and this is small gauge cable knitting, I'd start with a sleeve to get my needles wet so to speak. (photo tomorrow)
The Heather on the Moors was spectacular this year....maybe because of their wet summer?


  1. Your trip looks wonderful!
    One of these days I would like to see sheep in my front yard!
    Glad you're back!
    Have fun at the fair this weekend!
    Wish I could go there too! m :)

  2. Its strange that even though I live in the sometimes doesn't see the beauty of their homeplace...think need to take more time out.

  3. You were very lucky indeed to have good weather. The UK did without a summer this year and we had severe floods because it rained non stop for 3mths!
    I have driven from Quebec,to Montreal, to Ottawa, to Toronto to Niagara. Loved it.


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