Last thoughts on Autumn Rose

Before I went on vacation, I turned my comments on to be moderated -- I didn't do this intentionally, so this morning when I logged on to Blogger, I found all these comments that needed moderation....sorry about that.

Thanks again for all of the kind words about Autumn Rose -- here are my responses to a few comments left....

Yes Mamacate, this sweater looks great on a (ahem) full figured woman. I knit the 43" sweater, and I actually would need 45"....not bragging here just stating the I recommend NO EASE! This is a figure fitting sweater -- and as a sweater, it has some give......if you have a 41" chest measurement, make 41 - don't go up a size. This sweater needs to be just right at the bust or the neckline will gape. Usual Disclaimer here -- this is my opinion only, but is based on having knit the sweater. (When I knit the largest size, I thought that if it didn't fit me now, it might some day LOL! - forever hopeful.)

EllyMae commented on the colorway -- this is the original colorway as designed by Eunny Jang......shows how photos can really be misleading.


  1. Anne- The Autumn Rose looked perfect on you- colors and the way it fit- Simply Shetland should use you as a model.
    England looks wonderful, as always. I'm glad you had a nice time.
    Doesn't the color of the heather inspire a Fair Isle?

  2. Thanks, Anne. I've got the 41" body on the needles right now. I am so grateful for the advice, though, and if mine looks half as good as yours on, I'll be a happy camper.

    It sounds like a wonderful trip, too!


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