Froggie Meanie

We have quite the knitting community here in Milton.

Yesterday, Renee of Froggie Meanie and I met up at Carolyn's shop, Main St. Yarns. We had a few things to catch up on.

Some of it is a secret ...... shhhhhhh, we can't tell.

But, I can tell you that Renee's Lizard Ridge Afghan is to die for!
What a spectacular way to use Noro yarn.........she's on the home stretch now and doesn't it look great?

While I had Renee there, I got her to try on my Inverness Cape (pattern from Simply Shetland 4 done in Jamieson's Shetland Heather). This is a projet that was knit up for the Kitchener-Waterloo Fair......and being in a mad rush, it was made a little shorter than I'd of liked (for me being 5'10") -- so, I asked Renee to model it for you.

Doesn't she look great in it? So great, I gifted it to her.....why let it languish in my pile of unworn knits. Renee looked great in it, and I knew that she would give it a good home in her knit-friendly house. Thanks Renee!


  1. Oh Renee looks fabulous in it, nice to see that one knitted up to...and the afghan wow! all this coveting going on.

  2. Cape looks perfect on Renee - so jealous! LOL :)
    Her afghan is very cheerful - love it!
    With the digital thingie, there's no cheating or excuses... m :)

  3. Thank you again! I love it, I love it, I love it. I was sort of ready for fall (scary, I know) but now I'm really ready. I'll have to get some photos of myself in it outside with all the fall colours.

  4. The cape is beautiful! What a wonderful gift. :) And the afghan is looking just gorgeous. Possibly one of the most beautiful Noro uses I've seen yet.

  5. Lucky Renee! It is a beautiful cape.

  6. Wow, now that's an afghan!

    Not to mention a great present too...

  7. Great cape! And what a wonderful gift!

  8. Hi, Anne:

    I have been trying to reach you via e-mail at She Ewe Knits as I would like to purchase some yarn. I am wanting the Natural Aran yarn, 12 skeins, in the natural white/ecru color. Do you have this yarn available? If so, what would be the price, including shipping, etc., to Utah, USA? I really want this to knit my son a sweater he has requested.

    My e-mail is:

    Thank you!



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