Duxbury Point update

Duxbury Point is a joy to knit -- just enough excitement without being overwhelming.......I've done two repeats of the large cable and the sleeve is shaping up.

I love how this Silk and Shetland Lambswool yarn knits up -- very bouncy -- shows of these delicate cables really well -- and I don't even mind doing the Trinity Stitch in the center of of the cable or the bobble -- that's saying a lot!

Since this is going to be a long knit, I'll give you update shots every once in a while -- enough to keep you interested, not to0 much of the same old to bore you with.

Also, I'm on a quest for gauge! Yes the "G" word. A lot has been written about gauge and it seems that knitters still don't get it. I've had some disappointing knitting done for me lately -- by "professional" knitters -- and none of it was to gauge, which meant that the finished product wasn't what it should be.

My first "GQ" (Gauge Quest) will be for the new Simply Shetland Lambswool & Cashmere yarn -- a dk weight yarn.


  1. Anne- The "tension" and "gauge" words are the most important words in the knitting language.

    As well as the most ignored.

  2. Loving Duxbury!I'm looking forward to KALing with you :)

    On the gauge question ... I don't get it when knitter's ignore gauge! and then complain about the finished product ... ummm duh! I'm a lucky knitter :) If it's regular plain old knitting or cable knitting, I always get gauge with the recommended needles ... fair isle ... now that's a differnt story altogether *lol*

  3. Yes, gauge is definitely the great underestimated unknown in knitting. I'm the first to admit that I've been known to throw caution to the wind but only a) if it is a knit for the kids...they grow or b) I'm fully prepared to rip and try again if I don't get gauge. I think folks get sort of overconfident about knitting sometimes...

  4. Hi-
    The Duxbury is beautiful. It is a lovely pattern and you're doing a great job.

    As for gauge, I usually am happy with as close as possible. However I have been known to have to rip out finished projects b/c they were too wonky.

  5. Duxbury looking great and a fabulous colourway.

  6. Gosh, that is beautiful. The stitch definition is fantastic.
    I really like that color.

  7. It's very beautiful but do you think we can find this wool in Europe ?

  8. oooh! Trinity inside a cable!
    The whole thing looks great!
    I don't mind more photos-won't be bored! ;)
    I've been thinking alot about GQ lately too... and paying for my denial! Live and learn! m :)

  9. One of my pet peeves is a cheater gauge swatch. You know the one. The one that is 15 cast on sts and just enough rows to squeeze a tape measure in there to measure the stitches across the top of the needle. Then, the swatcher doesn't understand when the garment is not size properly. Call me a witch, but there is nothing quite like a proper swatch, logged into a notebook that is updated every year or so. (Maybe anal is a more appropriate word for me and my swatches)
    Now that I have gotten off my Swatch Box...Duxbury Point is working up beautiful. Your cables really pop!

  10. Oh, I love it Anne! I agree, the gauge swatch isn't what it used to be...

  11. Oh I believe in swatching! Its the only way to get an accurate size - unless as Renee says, it's for the kids. I save my swatches in a basket & sew them into afghans when I get enough of them. A lovely sweater in a gorgeous color! Wish I had the time for another project.


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