Digital Gauge thingie.....

I'm laughing because I KNEW that my digital caliper would attract some attention....

One day I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn't hold the measuring tape and count the number of stitches accurately to 10cm or 4" -- every time I did it I seemed to come up with a different number -- maybe only one stitch out but it was annoying to not be totally SURE!

So DH goes down to his model railroad room and comes up with this!
You can measure your knitting needles with it. This is sometimes very surprising to see what the needle actually measures! In this case, the 3.75 mm Addi turbos read 3.75.......but I measured some wooden needles I had -- they were not so accurately sized. It wouldn't matter if the labelling was off, as long as you know what size of needle you are working with.

Something I just realized when posting my Shetland Lambswool and Cashmere swatch photo -- I can actually count the stitches much easier by looking at the photo - so I am going to just put the caliper in place, photograph, and then count! Brilliant!

These are fairly standard tool type things, so I think you will be able to get them in Canadian Tire? or Sears? Yikes, when I searched in Sears, they had one for $149!!!! Canadian Tire has a much better selection, and cheaper! I know that DH got this one via a friend of his who goes to Queen St. in Toronto to shop for his tools for about $35.......this friend just bought a new and fancier model for DH to replace this one since this one is now MINE!!!! (evil laugh here)

Happy Knitting


  1. It is cool - & I do love me a good gadget!!

  2. Very cool. I might have to buy one for DH and then commandeer it. Mwa, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa!

  3. Amazon's got something very similar for $10.40.

  4. Someday they will come to their senses and make one that does the stitch counting too!

  5. I got mine (six months ago, hah!) at Lee Valley Tools.

  6. I was doing that the other day! And some of my wooden dpns were totally off! But the Colonial rosewood needles were spot on through the whole set. :)


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