Wow Grandma....

What a low neckline you have!

Cutting the Autumn Rose neckline steek.......scary!

I tried this on..yes it is low but with a little rib and definitely a camisole or some other little top underneath....well, I should be presentable LOL!


  1. That is SCARY looking... hmmm...

  2. Anne!
    Was that YOU?!
    That was so cool!
    I watched it 3 times!
    Clapping hands and big smile again!
    m :)

  3. Anne; That is such a beautiful sweater! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! And the video of the steek cutting was great. Do you still hold your breath? I did, just watching.

  4. Hope you'll bring this to Knitters' Fair in Kitchener! I am so envious of people who can wear Shetland wool with only a camisole underneath...I itch just thinking about it.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that it's flattering on a normal human female body (as opposed the the skinny model in the book). I can't wait to see you modeling it.

    Thanks for the great video. You're fearless, but who would expect otherwise?

  6. Adam and Eve in the Garden! You didn't take a deep breath or anything. I adore you brave fearless knitter.


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