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Anne.. I was just watching Lucy Neatby's DVD (Knitting Essentials 2) on steeking. She changes colors inside of the steek - and when she sews the front steeks - she brushes the ends out of the way so they won't catch in the seam - and she never weaves them in - just clips them off. Does that make sense? Do you think that would work for Autumn Rose? I HATE to weave!


If you are knitting a cardigan, you start/stop the yarns in the middle of the centre front steek. That's what Lucy is demonstrating here.

When I got to the front neckline -- you set up a front neckline steek, and at that point you change the beginning/end of the round to the middle of the front neckline. So, here it is just a matter of getting the ends out of the way when you cut -- and with Shetland Spindrift, there is no need to do anything else to the steek.

But, when knitting a pullover, as in the case of Autumn Rose -- you start/stop your yarns at an underarm "seam" and unless you weave them in and out of your knitting at the beginning end of the row, well, the only other way of tidying them up is to weave them in afterwards.

So sorry Ricki -- it's either take the time to knit weave the new yarns in and the old yarns out while doing the body -- or if you're like me, just leave tails and hand weave them in afterwards.

Happy Knitting.


  1. Thanks for the clarification Anne! Guess I'll have to weave.. darn.

    Your Autumn Rose is looking fine!


  2. I actually do something different with my ends. I braid them, like when doing a french braid in your hair. This keeps all the ends together, very tidy, but you don't have to weave in a zillion different ends!


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